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I have been working as a supervisor and lecturer for more than 15 years, and work in both private and public sector. In my supervision I have an integrative approach, and I love to combine dialogue and creative medias in my supervision. 

Besides working as a supervisor I teach at the University of Stavanger, on the bachelor program for social work and the master program of change management. 

Since march 2021 I am the president of the Norwegian Organisation for Supervision and Co-Operation (NOSCO)


Gunn Brigitte Danielsen

Prosessakademiet offers online supervision on supervision, and different online workshops for

your lifelong learning as a supervisor or coach.


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Supervision is a formal, pedagogical, relational enabling process with the purpose to strengthen resources, enhance assertiveness and improve independence and coping. (Tveiten, 2006)

Formal education

2017-2019: Master of Change management; Leading change

                    Thesis: Having the power to violate, but the courage to lead.

                    A qualitative study of violations in asymmetric relationships

2014-2016: Further education; masterlevel: Integrative supervision and organizational development

2001-2002: Further education: Professional storytelling

1999 -2000: Further education: Dramapedagogy/ teacher

1995 - 1998: Bachelor Pedagogy/ teacher

Be inspired

Have you ever worked with post-its/ Sticky notes in your self-reflection?  


This is one of my favourite tools when I work with situations which includes strong emotions and feelings.

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